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Technology @ VISIONTECH

Technology in business is a growing necessity. No matter how big or small your business is, technology provides intangible and tangible benefits to make them profitable and meet the growing needs and requirements of customers. Technological innovations affect the efficiency, culture, and relationship between employees, suppliers, and customers.

Innovation breeds business, and since technology paves the way for it, it can be gathered here that business needs technology to be sustained.



Best in class machines to precisely cut, fabricate and assemble all kinds of heavy machinery.

Cutting machines

These machines design and manufacture the worlds most advanced metal cutting products for use in a variety of industries such as shipbuilding, oil and gas, heavy equipment, structural steel and manufacturing. The product line includes mechanized plasma and laser cutters. These products are trusted for fast, precision metal cutting and reliability that results in increased productivity and profitability for tens of thousands of businesses.

This technology has become an essential part of manufacturing process. Cutting machines are equipped with computer-controlled programming that determines how and where the interface is integrated in the material. Cutting services are part of any reputable machining provider, since it offers an affordable and accurate way of producing almost any shape in plate or sheet metal.

Cutting technologies we use:

  • Laser Cutting

  • Gas Cutting

  • CO2 cutting

We have a total of 9 cutting machines present in-house.


CNC Machining

  • ​The use of CNCs has allowed manufacturers to work at a much faster pace to deliver the same standard of products, and without the added need of additional resources.

  • ​CNCs can work long hours, producing many customer orders within less time than labour intensive manufacturing. You require less staff and less training hours for the staff to use the CNC machines.

  • The CNC machines are precise, eliminate human error and therefore decrease the materials wasted. This saves your business more money and time on rework.

  • With CNC machines operators do not need to get close to the cutting tools.

Introducing CNC into our business allows us to adapt to changing designs, building codes and standards. This allows your business to keep up with the changing world of manufacturing and keep you in the front of technology.

We have 25 CNC machines comprising of HMC's and VMC's to complete milling, boring, chamfering and all other types of machining processes.

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Our Technology 

We have talented and highly experienced workstaff who execute our orders and achieve all targets on time.







Bending Machines

Bending is a manufacturing process that produces a V-shape, U-shape, or channel shape along a straight axis in sheet metals.

We have some of the latest bending technologies in our plant to facilitate the manufacturing processes.

Bending technologies we use:

  • Manual Bending

  • CNC Bending