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While natural rubber production is a part of the agricultural industry, products made of synthetic rubber is used for various purposes in the rubber industry. One of the most common rubber product used in agricultural industry is rubber tire. Infact, rubber tires account for 60-70% of all natural and synthetic rubber used. There are agricultural tires used for various agricultural purposes. The farm tractor, wagon, forklift, backhoe, loader, combines, grain carts, pivots etc. run on rubber tires and these are used for a wide variety of special services such as gardening, moving, municipal machines, terrain vehicles, snow groomers, etc. The agricultural tires are designed with unique properties that help them to operating on different soils composition and moisture content.

Another rubber product used in agricultural industry is rubber flooring for stalls and livestock which can take a lot of abuse. Longevity and wear is the key in these applications. Made of a combination of virgin polymers and post-consumer processed rubber, these agricultural rubber mats offer the much sought after combination of strength and softness. Besides these, there are rubber hoses and pipes and belts used in the agricultural industry.

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